Sightseeing in Tromsø

The city center has the largest number of historic wooden houses north of Trondheim, dating from 1789 to 1904, when building of wooden houses was forbidden in the city center. The oldest house in Tromsø is Skansen, built in 1789 on the remains of a 13th century turf rampart.

The Polar Museum (”Polarmuseet”) presents Tromsø`s past as a center for Arctic hunting and polar expeditions, and it is situated in a wharf house from 1837.

The Tromsø Cathedral (”Domkirka”) in the only Norwegian cathedral made of wood, and is built in 1861. It is situated in the city center and surrounded by a small park, and it is the world northernmost protestant cathedral.

In the city center is also the World’s Northernmost Roman Catholic diocese served from “Vår Frues Kirke” (The Church of Our Lady).

The North Norwegian Art Museum (”Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum”) has permanent collections of Norwegian art from different periods, and additional visiting collections of contemporary art.

Polaria” is a science museum focuces on biology and the extreme conditions of the North, housing aquariums, a seal pool and is an unique Arctic experience.

The Tromsdalen Church (”Tromsdalen Kirke”) is often called “The Arctic Cathedral” due to its prominent and unique look, and is Tromsø´s famous landmark. It is built in 1965, mainly of concrete. Its stained glass windows are among the largest in Europe.

Tromsø University Museum (”Tromsø Museum – Universitetsmuseet”) is the oldest scientific institution in the Northern Norway, established in 1872. It has geological, paleontological and archeological items, as well as artifacts of Sámi ethnography and Northern Norwegian Church history.

There is also the northernmost brewery in the world, Mack Bryggeri, with “Ølhallen” (The Beer Hall), the oldest pub in Tromsø that opened in 1928.

Fjellheisen” (The Cable Car) is one of the most interesting attractions in Tromsø. In just a few minutes, the cable car reaches the steep top of “Storsteinen” (The Big Rock) at 421m above sea level, giving you a magnificent view of the Tromsø with the island Kvaløya in the background.

Just 20 minutes walk from the city center, Prestvannet Lake is a peaceful bird oasis of Tromsø. The small lake is an ornithological protected area, due to numerous species of birds who found here nesting place. It is also a place of recreational activities and sport.


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